Our Approach

Every business, regardless of its size has a story to tell. The question is what story do you want your business to tell? Effective branding and brand strategy help tell your story efficiently along with producing real financial growth of your business. Since effective branding encompasses so many aspects of a business we believe that a successfully implemented brand strategy directly correlates to the ultimate success of a company.  Our goal is to help demonstrate and convey your vision and your story to the world.

Josh is a creative & design expert. His goal is to turn a client’s vision into reality. Josh helps the client by guiding their approach to design & branding for optimal results. Whether it be logo design or a complete branding of a business, Josh has the expertise and experience to guide a client to making the best possible decisions to maximize value.

Tara’s approach is to guide businesses into making solutions-based design & branding decisions that work for them. The goal is to find a solution for the client based on their needs & goals by examining the big picture goals of the business. Everything in a business is connected and it is important to have a big picture view of any business to thoughtfully examine their needs and goals.

The goal is to optimize long-term results that work for the client and help their brand grow.

Our World-Class Team

Photo of Tara Gooch Chief Executive Officer
Tara L. Gooch

I am a business owner looking to make impactful change in the digital design community as well as improve the digital footprint of my clients.  I am a wife, mother and company owner looking to develop and expand the current definition of what digital design and branding are and how they can improve any business.  I grew up in Woodbine, Maryland and am the youngest of five siblings. My family struggled while I was growing up and I remember times being tough as a child and young adult.  As children, we understood the value of self-sufficiency and often cooked entire meals from scratch out of the fruits and vegetables that our family grew in our garden.   I have seen poverty and have at times felt what it meant to go without.  While my childhood was difficult, I realize it was all a preparation for what I was meant to do and accomplish as an adult.  I have been a North Carolina citizen for nearly fifteen years and am proud to say that I am the first person in my immediate family to graduate college and attend Graduate school.  In life there are many days and times where we feel like we have cards stacked against us and that we are being tested.  The short answer is yes, you are being tested.  However, it is all about your reaction to the situation and your mental state.  If you want something bad enough you have to go for it and never look back.  You have to choose to be successful and make active choices every day that contribute to your goals and dreams.  You have to choose to be positive, to affirm your goals and to manifest your dreams into reality. I believe that the measure of a successful company resides in its ability to lead while maintaining a strong and effective corporate culture that is focused on sustaining a positive and consistent brand image.  My background consists of everything from customer service roles to technical analytical roles to business development and outside sales.  I have seen many companies that I have worked for or consulted for succeed while others falter.  There is a definite correlation between companies that succeed and grow and that is interdependent with their brand identity, consistency and strategy.  Positive customer experience and engagement is an essential aspect in any business and it is also a major determinant of success, it has also been a passion of mine throughout my career.  In my role as CEO, I set the strategic direction of our company which focuses on promoting our client-first culture to drive long-term success.  I am firmly committed to helping businesses grow by doing what we do best, brand consulting and digital design.

Photo of JOsh Gooch President and Creative Director
Josh Gooch
President & Creative Director

I am a North Carolina native, a husband and father. I enjoy nature, hiking, football (Go Panthers!) and being creative.  My favorite part of the design process is developing ideas and brainstorming.  While this process is often times the most challenging, I feel that it is the most rewarding.  As a creative I have been helping clients grow their businesses for over twenty years in the freelance space.  For me, turning a dream into a reality is something that drives me and helps keep me focused on the big picture goals that my clients have.  My passion for design and branding began early in my life and it has always been a focal point in my career.  My fifteen year career as a Department Head teaching Graphic Design and Advertising at the college level has brought many fond memories in helping to develop designer’s fine turn their skills and abilities.  My goal as the President and Creative director at Best Branding Solutions is to help navigate clients through the design process with a focus on brand cohesiveness.

  • MBA Business Analytics, 2021 - University of North Carolina at Wilmington
  • Financial Management Certificate, 2018 - Cornell University
  • Professional Certificate in Management, 2017 - University of Notre Dame 
  • B.S, Environmental Biology, 2009 - Wingate University
  • M.S. Vocational Education, 2015 - East Carolina University
  • B.F.A. Graphic Design, 2001 - Appalachian State University
  • Adobe Certified Associate Certification
    Visual Design Using Photoshop
    Graphic Design and Illustration using Adobe Illustrator
    Print and Digital Media Publication using Adobe InDesign
  • UAS Remote Pilot Drone Operator
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